A new kindof approach

Effective and efficient

Overwatch Aerospace was founded by UK and US veterans to deliver highly effective and efficient alternatives to out dated in-service systems and manufacturers.

We seek to disrupt the status quo and simplify supply, and in doing so provide a better way of doing business that saves lives, money and time.

By staying close to the market and understanding the complex environments and jurisdictions our clients operate within, we are able to produce practical and reliable solutions that deliver better effect at significantly less cost.

What reallymatters

Exceptional levels of performance

We are sensitive to the need for exceptional levels of performance, reliability and VALUE.

By limiting our attention to a specific problem, we are able to call on and focus only the essential resources and expertise necessary to achieve results.

In doing so we have created a development approach that guarantees timely results and consistent value for our end users. At Overwatch Aerospace we are able to make quick and informed end user driven decisions, ensuring product delivery in months not years.

Actual solutionsto real problems

Essential expertise and resources

We guarantee the ability to act swiftly and deliver value by deploying a development approach utilising only essential expertise and resources.

Our approach is deeply rooted in our desire to fix real problems with uncompromising solutions. Overwatch Aerospace is focused only on coaxial drones, our solution to providing better protection and enhanced collateral control.

Overwatch Aerospace management appreciate the emerging challenges facing end users, and in particular the need for lasting efficiencies without compromising effect.


Evolving Innovation

“We understand what is at stake, and that we are entrusted with the welfare of people, assets and reputation”

Our aim has always been to better protect people and reduce collateral damage, through a platform that is innovative, evolving and unquestionably good value.

Overwatch Aerospace is committed to developing active relationships with end users, enabling pre-emption and responsiveness at all levels.

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